Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps

Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps
Adapted by Patrick Barlow
Perseverance Theatre 2011-2012 Season
“Big Fun…Thrilling…Madcap” – Capital City Weekly

Beirut by Alan Bowne

TOAST Theatre, Anchorage Alaska

Beirut by Alan Bowne
Jeff Seastone, Katy Hitchcock, and Jim Cucurull
Directed by Bostin Christopher

Natural environment lighting inside a converted warehouse space.

Make Good The Fires
*World Premiere*

  “A well-honed cast and tight direction make Make Good the Fires a good night of theater.” “A seamless stream of memories flow in and out in realistic episodes. Director Bostin Christopher’s pacing lets the scenes emerge without jarring, while maintaining an edge of surprise.” –Anchorage Daily News [learn_more caption=”Cast […]