Forrest Attaway doing swell in KC

Article¬†( that was done on my pal Forrest Attaway. Saying Forrest has settled down in KC seems wrong, for what ever Forrest does, he does with passion. I’m extremely happy for him. Read the play he’s premiering back in 2007 or 2008 at Great Plains Theatre Conference. Would love to […]

Great resource for brochures and more!

ISSUU – Search. – This is a link to a search on the word theater. Try other variations. They’ve got tons of stuff. From ISSUU About Page: With over 15 million publications, Issuu is¬†the fastest growing digital publishing platform in the world. Millions of avid readers come here every day […]

the power of story

“We are in the business of transporting people to other unique beautiful amazing worlds that they would never ever have had the blessing the privilege and the opportunity to be in the same space of. This is why we do what we do. This is why we write. This is why create theatre. Because we are here to create the links and the bridges between communities. We are here for people to see that each other are human beings. We are here because we believe in humanity, we believe in the spirit, we believe in the power of story to change our hearts, our lives, our world.”
Katori Hall, TCG Keynote Speech Fall Forum 2012

Beirut by Alan Bowne

TOAST Theatre, Anchorage Alaska

Beirut by Alan Bowne
Jeff Seastone, Katy Hitchcock, and Jim Cucurull
Directed by Bostin Christopher

Natural environment lighting inside a converted warehouse space.