last updated on August 2, 2017

these are the things I’m doing /now in order of commitment both in time and intention:

*enjoying the adventures of life and love with the most beautiful woman in the world

*relaxing and spending time at our cabin in Juneau, Alaska (the greatest place on the planet) for another month.

*spending much of this summer prepping for the following at VCU:

*teaching senior BFA students about camera acting, the business of show, script analysis, and audition technique at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond, VA.

*teaching graduate acting course with a focus on re-examining Stanislavski

*working on acting, directing, and writing projects
– directing BOY GETS GIRL by Rebecca Gilman, running at VCU Sept 21-Oct 1.

*currently reading: reviewing the great translations of Stanislavski by Jean Benedetti in prep for classes this fall.

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