Bostin Christopher in OTIS from Bostin Christopher on Vimeo.

The best performance comes from relative newcomer Bostin Christopher, who in the titular role of Otis conveys a well-calibrated blend of volatile menace and genuine pathos.
– Kerry Douglas Dye,

…the movie is ruled by Bostin Christopher. As Otis, he steals the show. You despise him. You pity him. You’re not sure what you want to happen to him. Between the quirkiness of this movie and the alternately toucing and chilling performance by Christopher, the mere mention of the name Otis will now forever bring forth memories of this movie and this character.
-Neil Anderson, SXSW Film Critic

Christopher turns in a fantastic performance as Otis
-Johnny Butane, DreadCentral.Com

Thanks to Christopher’s wonderfully nuanced performance, you are never quite sure of Otis’s intentions, filling these scenes with a marvellous sense of tension and foreboding
– Chris Tilly,

Christopher’s performance as the lumbering psychotic is a brave, pitched piece of mental and physical comedy.
-Collin Armstrong,

the performances are across-the-board great
-Capone, ain’t cool news

Christopher, as the shambling man-child Otis, strikes the essential balance between black comedy and enough menace to keep him from becoming appealing.
-Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle

Otis is destined to join the ranks of Freddie and Jason among the most gruesome, twisted souls in horror movie history. Christopher…[is]…chilling. Otis is a new horror icon for a new generation of films bound for cult status.
by Larry Richman

Every actor will be recognizable from other movies even if their names are not household words with the exception of Otis. Otis, however, could not be more real or despicable! He is wonderfully evil, pathetic, and deranged yet still evokes sympathy from the audience.
-IMDB User Comments

“Newcomer Bostin Christopher is spot-on as Otis”
– Buzz McClain, Video Business
Project Details
  • Studio: Warner Bros.
  • Year: 2008
  • Imdb: Visit Link
  • Role: Otis