August 2016

Steven Pasquale on The Producer’s Perspective

Podcast Recommend: Steven Pasquale on The Producer’s Perspective

A quick 30 minute interview about theatre, film vs tv, and surviving from a working actor. I LOVE what he says about working in TV vs Film right now…

Listen to Steven give you the scoop on all things including:

  • His thoughts on long-running shows and how actors can keep things fresh and interesting.
  • Why he calls auditioning “the worst experience in the world.”
  • What you need to get him to do your show.
  • HOT TOPIC:  The actor’s role in the developmental process, and how/why they should participate in the future of that production (you know, the whole Hamilton debate).
  • If he’d ever produce and why or why not.

Source: Podcast Episode 82 – Broadway Star Steven Pasquale | The Producer’s Perspective